Synchron_groot_doneThe Pharma industry is constantly demanding ways to increase screening methods, generate more information and decrease the time to market in new drug development. Our solutions are used extensively to achieve this and to standardize some of the more mundane and repetitive Lab. functions, like plate replication and reformatting. Furthermore, the results generated are more reliable, having minimized the chance of human error.


Check Some Projects !

* Automated small scale transient transfection
* Automated Solid Phase Extraction
* Pooling & Weighing
* High Throughput Screening
* Automated DMPK & ADMEtox
* Compound Screening, Dissolution & Distribution
* Automated Weighing and Dissolving
* Tissue Homogenization for RNA, DNA and protein Extraction
* Plate Replication & Reformatting
* Hitpicking

Synchron information sheets on the above applications are available on request.

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