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  • Our SeedPickers will individualize seeds from multiple batches, fully automatically

    For many process in the lab, seeds will have to be individualized for analysis or growth. This can be required for DNA extraction, germination, sowing, phenotyping and an range of other applications. Our SeedPickers will individualize seeds from multiple batches, fully automatically. This process is completely controlled by imaging, barcodes and vacuum measurements during each […]

  • Automated Formulation System

    Today, more than ever, product developers in research areas such as inks, coatings and detergents face a growing array of new challenges. Product quality, health and safety (think of REACH) requirements are not only increasingly stringent, but also fierce competition is forcing companies to develop new products in shorter time spans. HTE techniques enable product […]

  • Floyd2D Tubepicker 4x faster!

    The Floyd2D Tubepicker is giving great results in the live work field. Feedback from Lifelines, with whom we developed Floyd, is that the Floyd2D Tubepicker is 4 times faster than manual picking. Also curious how to save time in your lab, contact us via

  • Cost-efficient robotic enclosure

    Synchronlab designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range  of cost effective custom built robotic enclosures and tables. Part of our method is to continuously optimize our design. Therefore Sychron has recently delivered enclosed cells with sliding doors to a client active in the laboratory industry. Both front- and backside of the cell have sliding doors to increase optimal […]

  • Synchron invests in 3D printing capabilities

    To increase the time-to-market of new innovative lab automation solutions Synchron invested in 3D printing equipment. By using 3D printing Synchron is now able to make proto type components for new systems themselves. According to the product development team 3D printing has resulted in lower costs and faster turnaround times to make smart automation parts. […]

  • Synchron makes retrieval of samples easier

    Introducing the Floyd 2d Tubepicker. We developped a unique tubepicker which makes individual retrieval of your highly valuable samples easier than ever. The usage of the 2d tubepicker allows an easy and fast collection of samplestubes. Floyd is useful for a wide range of applications including biobanking, drug discovery and many other life science research […]

  • Intertek invests in Advanced Robotics Automation

    We are proud to announce that Intertek Singapore has expanded its lubricant testing and oil condition monitoring services with a new automated, robotic sampling handling system, brought by SynchronLab. Intertek provides quality and safety services to a wide range of industries (like the lubricant, additive and petroleum industries) around the world.   The new robotic system improves analysis […]

  • Derk Wilten about innovation (Dutch)

    Nog niet zo lang geleden gezien in een personeelsadvertentie: ‘Maximaal 23 jaar oud, minimaal 5 jaar ervaring op HBO-niveau’. Wat is dat toch met dat ‘jong’, het is toch niet een kwaliteit op zichzelf? Bent u een senior die zich naar de top heeft geknokt, dan is het niet uitgesloten dat u deze vraag beantwoordt met ‘neen’. Simpelweg omdat u uit […]