Expanding the range of automation
Purchase a Synchronlab system and you purchase built-in flexibility: The functionality of our automation platform can be expanded by using specialized modules and accessories. In almost all cases, extra modules are simply placed on, or next to, the deck and are fully Plug and Play. Third party modules can also be integrated, thereby allowing customers to get the most out of their existing equipment and previous investments.

Other modules
The Xperimate design utilizes a CAN protocol to facilitate integration of third party products. The deck is so large that limitations for physical integration of hardware are negligible. Furthermore, Synchron can deliver the Xperimate with an extended X-range, so that the robotic arms can reach outside the deck to access modules placed alongside the deck. In almost every case, this will eliminate any residual spacing constraint and provide the customer with the most spatially efficient Lab solution. With Synchron, each solution is tailor-made to get the most out of each customer’s Laboratory.
The core component of the Xperimate is the pipetting arm, which houses all functionality, including the pumps. This entire module can be simply integrated into an OEM development, with or without the deck. Alternatively, the Xperimate workstation, including deck, can be customised and optimised to automate any pipetting protocol.

Flow through design
With all robotic functionality in the arms, there is nothing in the way of your innovation. The Xperimate pipetting area is accessible from all sides.

Modular upgradeable platform
The modular design of Xperimate allows the hardware to be configured and upgraded to suit a very wide range of applications and different throughput demands. Xperimate can have several arm modules, and each arm can carry up to eight pipetting tips or a robotic handler. Additionally, Xperimate is available in a range of deck sizes, and with variable X-range, facilitating the integration of external modules and accessories.

Multi-level application software facilitates programming and optimisation of even the most demanding applications.

Unique fluid system with low maintenance pumps
For each pipetting channel, Xperimate employs a dedicated micro annular gear pump.

The pumps are located at the back of the robotic arm. Precision manufactured using highly resistant ultra hard materials, the pumps have a long service life, require virtually no maintenance and use no consumables, resulting in a reduced cost of ownership.
– No maintenance, no syringes
– Precision and accuracy (standard pump) 1ul to 1ml using standard pump (volumes outside this range may be possible – please contact us)
– Washable and/or disposable tips
– Full control of liquid handling parameters

Software and application integration
Plug and play modules simplify the composition of an application system based on the Xantus. The open geometry of the Xantus design facilitates integration of the whole platform, or merely the robotic arms. RS232, multiple I/O ports and a CAN bus facilitate systems integration.

The PC driven X-AP software – an easy to learn tool with drag and drop user interface – enables implementation of liquid handling tasks. Sias also offers a Software Developer Kit (SDK), Nelson, which includes the DLL (assemblies) and some executables together with supporting documentation, enabling OEM customers to write a specific software interface for the Xperimate in any .NET compatible platform.

Pre-optimised application packages are also available