Pipetting Robots

Synchron is a supplier of innovative multi-tipped robotic XYZ liquid handling systems and robot friendly functional modules for Laboratory Automation.

Xperimate: Robotic XYZ automated liquid handling systems for bench, integration and custom applications
Xperimate is a modular robotic pipetting platform, combining flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation of microplates, tubes and other devices. With all functionality, including the pumps, housed in the arm, Xperimate design simplifies both system integration and stand-alone robotic automation. Integrating modules such as shakers, heaters, vacuum modules and robot friendly microplate centrifuges can expand Xperimate functionality.

Xperimate features include:
– Open geometry facilitates integration with off-deck modules, conveyors etc.
– Unique compact low maintenance pump system resides in the robotic arm, leaving the deck free for application samples and modules, and simplifies integration projects
– Pipetting volume 1ul to endless using the same pump, with excellent precision
– Customisation according to footprint, X-range, arm configuration, functional modules and software
– Easy to use GUI drag-and-drop application software and/or DLL/COM-object software