For many processes in the lab, seeds will have to be individualised for analysis. This can be required for DNA extraction, phenotyping, germination or a range of other analysis. The SeedPicker will
individualise seeds from multiple batches fully automatically.

The SeedPicker has fixed stackers or an automated TrayFeeder system for seed containers and corresponding target plates or trays. An industrial, high precision 6-axis robotic arm is the centre of the SeedPicker and automates all movements and transfers. The gripper tool has multiple functions which include a plate gripper, interchangeable picking tools, barcode scanner and liquid handler.

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Individualizing seeds starts with the robotic arm depositing each seed batch into a trough and using vibration to individualize the seeds on a flat surface that can be imaged. The remainder of the batch in the trough can be collected again into the original seed container.


After vibrating onto a flat surface, the seeds are imaged using a high-speed camera with on-board processing capabilities. The coordinates of each individual seed are transferred to the robot arm every time before picking.


The 6-axis, high-precision, industrial robotic arm is able to move moe than 45 seeds per minute from the separating flat surface into any plate or tray your downstream application may dictate.