Application Consult

testingAt Synchronlab we help our customers with developing a custom laboratory automation solution to suit their specific needs. Even before anything is signed, Synchron is focused on helping end-users to develop their solution. Everything is possible and we concentrate on creating the best user experience possible.

Testing of the Xperimate platform is no problem. We regularly run tests, developed by potential customers, at our office to demonstrate the Xperimate platform. This can be done in our testing rooms, or at the customer’s location. In this way, we can immediately show the results generated on the Xperimate platform. This provides the customer with real time testing and concrete examples of the Xperimate system. Furthermore, this gives potential customers the opportunity to handle the equipment and explore its abilities before committing to purchase. End-user input is very important at Synchron and we tend to work as a team with our customers.  We want to make the conversion from an old system to our new Xperimate system as seamless and problem free as possible. Our custom software can be adapted to the specific application required in order to make it easy and intuitive to use. We are mindful to avoid steep learning curves for the people working with the machine.