Software Development

software-and-servicesHardware without software is as a body with no soul- It is dead. It has no function, it cannot function- it is an empty shell. The software enables the hardware to function meaningfully and efficiently. At Synchronlab we like to maximize this efficiency by linking different hardware systems and combining their functions to create optimal systems that are completely new. The software is the lifeblood of these innovative systems: Analyzing images from a camera to detect liquid levels; combining weighing scales with liquid handling robots to enable gravimetric dispensing; or linking error-reporting with email and sms servers. Software makes it possible.

The way that Synchron combines the hardware components with software is our core strength. Robust and state of the art development in C, C++, Delphi and .Net, vision analysis and database interaction. The result for the customer? – true synergy-here the whole system is far greater than the sum of the parts.

When it comes to software systems, we’ve seen it, we’ve used it, we’ve delivered it.