• DNA Extraction, 40.000 samples per day!

    DNA Cruiser Synchron Lab Automation developed an automated DNA extraction system with very high throughput rates by working very closely together with Festo. As a result, customers in the seed industry can collect DNA from up to 40,000 samples per day. Using a magnetic bead extraction kit and essentially a system with 10 x 96 […]

  • Automated ICP Sample Preparation

    This application note describes an automated ICP sample preparation robot. Water samples need to be transferred from the sample taking containers to tubes, suitable for loading on the ICP auto samplers. In addition several steps are executed to ensure the transferred samples are of high quality and are ready for analysis. Key Features • Fully […]

  • Cell Transient Transfection Workstation

    Automated small scale transient transfection system This application note describes an automated small scale transient transfection system. Cells have to be transfected with different type of DNA constructs in order to produce specific proteins. The cell culture is divided from a 3L spinner flask to 48 CultiFlasks. These CultiFlasks were stored for several days in […]

  • Used Oil & Lubricants Viscosity Measurement

    Automation of ASTM D7279: Kinematic viscosity measurements on a houillon viscometer. The viscosity of used oils is a commonly determined parameter in the oil industry to assess the effect of engine wear on the used lubricants, as well as the degradation of the engine parts during operation. This time-consuming process has been automated by Synchron […]

  • Preparation for element analysis in HPLC Vials

    Sample Preparation: Nitrogen and sulfur analysis in HPLC Vials The quality of many petroleum products is related to the amount of sulfur and nitrogen present. Knowledge of sulfur concentration is necessary for processing purposes. There are regulations promulgated in many federal, state, and local agencies restricting the amount of sulfur present in fuels. Nitrogen content […]

  • Paint & Ink Formulation Robot

    Benchtop formulation robot for high and low viscous ink and coatings Easy and flexible setup to design and execute experiments, especially where quantities of reagents are expressed in mass(mg). Synchron Lab Automation has launched its state of the  art Xperimate Lab Formulation Robot for optimizing and improving the accuracy of high and low viscous ink and […]

  • Fully Automated Genomic DNA Isolation Station

    A very reliable, fully automated, highly reproducible DNA isolation station, to isolate genomic DNA from large volume blood (up to 10 ml). The set-up of the platform consists of a Xperimate liquid handler and one or two Chemagic Separation Module 1’ns. of Chemagen. The Xperimate is equipped with 5 ml disposable tips. The Chemagen MSM1 […]