• LabLinx Track

    LabLinx™ is Hudson’s unique microplate delivery system that allows you to store and deliver plates to any laboratory instrument, automatically. LabLinx can turn an ordinary liquid handler into a complete automated workcell. Plates are stored in stacker units and moved among the user’s instruments on linkable track segments. “Intelligent” stopping mechanisms are located along the […]

  • Integration Stackers

     Automated Stackers with individual lifts for MTP format for easy integration in your pipetting robot. (below deck) – Pod hotel stacks (MTP format, 30 SWP per stackers with a 14mm height per plate – 1,2,4,8 and 16 stacks posible.

  • Scorpion: Automated Plate Stacker

    System Specifications: • Automated SBS format plate stacking system • All SBS format micro well plates • Cycle time of 7 seconds present 7 seconds return • ability to handle tip racks, contact Synchron to confirm ability of rack types • Plate heights from 9 to 48mm high • handles lidded and non lidded plates (requires […]