Covaris – Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA)

Covaris_small_1The Covaris range of instruments are highly innovative and widely applicative. These systems utilise the patented and proprietary Covaris process known as Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA).Covaris Inc, situated in Boston, Massachusetts, USA developed the Adaptive Focused Acoustics technology and the resulting product lines. The Covaris Process is based on fundamentally different physical processes from conventional probe or bath sonication. Operating at 500-1000 khz, it is focusable and highly controllable, capable of operating in virtually any tube or plate format in both non contact and isothermal mode, with volume rangs from continuous flow to low µl’s.

The Covaris process, termed Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA), was derived from highly developed industries of medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging and therapeutic lithotripsy applications (kidney stone disruption).

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