LabLinx Track

StackLink_Micro10xLabLinx™ is Hudson’s unique microplate delivery system that allows you to store and deliver plates to any laboratory instrument, automatically. LabLinx can turn an ordinary liquid handler into a complete automated workcell.

Plates are stored in stacker units and moved among the user’s instruments on linkable track segments. “Intelligent” stopping mechanisms are located along the track segments at each instrument’s plate nest positions. There the instrument operates on the plate, then, when it‘s finished, LabLinx moves it on to the next instrument in the process.

LabLinx operates on many plates simultaneously, each at different stages of the user’s process, resulting in throughput rates that single-arm robot workcells can’t even approach.

LabLinx can service a single instrument, like Hudson’s Micro10x Reagent Dispenser (on the left) for unmatched speed in a simple filling application. Or, LabLinx can move plates through a series of instruments in a complex workcell.

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