PreciseFlex SCARA Robot

PF400PreciseFlex SCARA Robots
The PreciseFlex 1300/1400 are SCARA robots that have three or four axes. These units are intended for light payload material handling and assembly applications in the life sciences, medical products, semiconductor, electronics and automotive industries.
Fast and Easy Set Up
These robots come out of the box fully assembled. Just plug them into an AC outlet and an Ethernet port and they are ready to work. The controller, harness and pneumatic lines are all built into the robot’s structure, so there is no controller integration required, no harnesses to purchase or to thread, and no extra controller cabinet. This results in much less setup time and a much smaller equipment footprint.

Powerful Motion Control
PreciseFlex 1300/1400 Robots feature the powerful vision-guided Guidance Controller, kinematics for Cartesian coordinate motion, and quiet, high performance servo motors with absolute encoders. These features enable simple, yet powerful programming, reduced cycle times and very efficient station-to-station motions.

Versatile Configurations
The novel design and powerful controller enable PreciseFlex 1300/1400 Robots to service several linear or curved rows of stacked storage locations (“hotels”), which need not be directly in-line with the robots’ base. This allows system developers to make the most effective use of their work area, reducing the space requirements of the cell.

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