Used Oil & Lubricants Viscosity Measurement

Automation of ASTM D7279: Kinematic viscosity measurements on a houillon viscometer.

The viscosity of used oils is a commonly determined parameter in the oil industry to assess the effect of engine wear on the used lubricants, as well as the degradation of the engine parts during operation.


This time-consuming process has been automated by Synchron using an articulated robotic arm and customized software to take care of efficient operations and reliable data management. Up to four houillon viscometers can be integrated. This robust set-up uses a micro-annular gear pump to be able to pipette even high viscosities in a clean and precise way with disposable pipette tips. In order to increase the robot efficiency, it is possible to integrate other methods of analysis such as a ferrous debris monitor (PQ analyzer). For this a robotic hand used for pipetting can be expanded for sample cup processing  without manual intervention.

• Up to 80 Samples per hour
• 1 channel liquid handling
• Micropump pipetting
• Up to 4 Houillon viscometers integrated
• LIMS Connection
• Ferrous Debris Monitor integration (PQ analyzer)

Input Process Output
• Oil samples • Pipetting
• Viscometry
• PQ measurement
• Efficiënt scheduling
• Result Viscometer
• Result PQ Analyser
• High Throughput