Fully Automated Genomic DNA Isolation Station

A very reliable, fully automated, highly reproducible DNA isolation station, to isolate genomic DNA from large volume blood (up to 10 ml). The set-up of the platform consists of a Xperimate liquid handler and one or two Chemagic Separation Module 1’ns. of Chemagen. The Xperimate is equipped with 5 ml disposable tips. The Chemagen MSM1 uses a dispenser to add the reagent tot the blood samples and runs the Chemagen DNA Blood Kit.

UMCU DNA Isolation

• Fully automated, no manual interactions
• 5ml conductive disposable tips (liquid level & Clot detection)
• Two configurations; one or two Chemagen MSM1’ns integrated in one Xperimate Liquid handler
• Barcode tracking
• From 1 to 10 ml blood
• Flexispan disposable tip probes
• LIMS connection
• No need to rehydrate your DNA, immediately available
• Isolates up to 192 samples in 8 hours

The Chemagen Chemagic Kits
The Chemagic Kits utilize Chemagen’s proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology to isoalte nucleic acids with both high yield and purity. Their scalability together with Chemagen’s protocols and equipment facilitate quick performance from very small to large amounts of sample material. The removal of conventional spin steps from Chemagic Kit protocols, the high magnetite content of the beads as well as the easy handling make these kits highly adaptable for automation.

 Volume Blood (ml) Average Yield (ug) Yield *(ug)
Table: Yield gDNA from whole blood
*) Concetration measurement on Nanodrop