Tomtec Autogizer

tissue-homogenizers-34496-6619613The Autogizer is designed to fully automate a variety of homogenizing tasks. Model 700 is equipped with five Model 200 1/5 hp units. Model 701 is equipped with four Model 250 3/4 hp units for heavy duty tasks.

The processing of each row of tubes can be programmed to optmise homogenisation, the rows may be partially filled (1 or more) or fully filled for automated processing depending on sample needs and availability. The cutters may be oscillated up and down with the program setting speed of oscillation, upper and lower heights, time, and number of cycles for each individual row. The high cutter speed and versatile programming makes for quick and very efficient homogenizing. Cleaning of the cutting heads is programmeable and includes one ultrasonic cleaning step and two rinse steps, organic and aqueous solvents may be specified.

In specialised application requiring cell distruption or the processing of smaller samples a customised unit is available in which sonic probes replace the standard stainless steel cutters.

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