Tomtec Quadra4 96/384 pipettor

laboratory-liquid-handling-workstations-34496-6619455With over 40 years of experience in automated liquid handling, the Tomtec Quadra4TM is the latest incarnation of a best in class rugged, cost effective liquid handling workstation for life science work-flows. Whether you are doing in-vitro research, developing new molecular entities, conducting solid-phase extraction or serial-dilution – the Quadra4TM will accelerate your process and time to discovery for your most challenging problems. The workstation is engineered around a reliable fixed-head air displacement syringe design, which services a six station shuttle. The six stations can support a wide range of accessories for automating complex work-loads like solid phase extraction (SPE) and an optional plate-stacker can be used to queue up to 50 assays. This innovative, fully automated workstation delivers unprecedented speed, flexibility and precision with the lowest cost of ownership of any liquid handling workstation in only 30″ of bench space.

Each Quadra4TM system is custom crafted in our Connecticut facility, to your exact needs. Our field engineers work with your research team to understand your work-flows and expectations, and then recommend the best possible solution at the best possible price. Once your new unit is received, our engineers come back and install, test and train your team on how to get the most value from your Tomtec investment.  With both air displacement pipetting or positive displacement design available, in conjunction with an indexing microplate stage.  The Quadra4TM allows the support of complex pipette work-loads found on workstations that cost five-times its price.  In addition, the optional automated plate stacker’s provide true walk away assay automation.  The following list provides a high level overview of capabilities and features.

Download Product brochure  (Adobe PDF) :

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