Tomtec Tower (96/384)

tomtec towerBreakthrough in muliwell pipetting
• Easy to use
• Manual push-button operation
• Fully Programmable
• No external computer required
• 96 individual pipettors can be 24 well
• 450µL to less than 10µL pipetting range
• 2% CV at 10µL
• One year warranty parts and labor

Description of Operation
The Quadra Tower is the evolution of Tomtec’s proven Quadra pipetting technology. It is designed to fill the gap between 8 and 12-channel, hand-held pipettors and Tomtec’s high-level automation. It may be used in a simple, manual mode. Individual push buttons provide the basic functions of aspirating and dispensing by simply entering the volume desired. Other push buttons select tip-loading and tip-shucking. Where feasible, the tips may be washed for economy of operation. More sophisticated pipetting sequences can be fully programmed in a simple, intuitive manner and selected for repetitive applications. This is accomplished from the front control panel. It can also be integrated into a robotic system. In essence, the mode of operation is designed for operational convenience by a variety of users, using different skill levels.

Two pipetting stations accommodate liquid transfers from reservoirs or deepwell microplates. Two other stations accommodate 96 well microplates. The Quadra tip design is unique. The maximum volume is 450µL, particularly useful if aliquoting to repetitive plates. The long, narrow end will access the bottom of a deepwell plate. The design also permits the pipeline pipetting of individual reagents using air-gap separation. The unit has a CV of 2% at 10µL.

Download Product brochure  (Adobe PDF) :

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