Paint & Ink Formulation Robot

Benchtop formulation robot for high and low viscous ink and coatings

Easy and flexible setup to design and execute experiments, especially where quantities of reagents are expressed in mass(mg). Synchron Lab Automation has launched its state of the  art Xperimate Lab Formulation Robot for optimizing and improving the accuracy of high and low viscous ink and coatings sample formulations.


Consisting of the Xperimate software, Robot and a  precision scale, the robotic system gives users the choice of using volumetric and/or gravimetric dosing for the formulation of samples. This is particularly beneficial when formulating highly viscous samples where volumetric dosing may not be accurate enough. The robot uses a high precision ‘mini toothed wheel pump’ instead of a syringe making it possible to dose samples as viscous as 6Pa.s. Further more the robot has up to 8 tip-holders that can accommodate a large pipetting tip of 5mL to pipette larger sample volumes.

Synchron Xperimate Lab Formulation Robot incorporates a simple and flexible setup to ease the design and execution of small, medium or large numbered experiments. Thanks to the open platform, the system can work with many external modules such as heating blocks, mixing and stirring stations and barcode readers to name a few. The powerful gripping arm transfers sample containers from any module to the precision scale and back.

Each pipetting tip-holder has an individual level sensor that can accommodate washable or disposable tips. The user has also complete control of each tip movement. Synchron Xperimate can carry out numerous heating and stirring techniques and it can dose according to an unlimited number of weight and liquid classes (parameters) for optimal sample preparation.

Xperimate Modules
– Heating of raw materials and samples
– Shaking and mixing of raw materials and samples
– Powder Dosing
– Capping and de-capping of tubes
– SMS & Email safety software
– Integration of various instruments for analyses.
– Overnight tipfeeder