At Synchronlab we like to maximize this efficiency by linking different hardware systems and combining their functions to create optimal systems that are completely new.  The software is the lifeblood of these innovative systems: Analyzing images from a camera to detect liquid levels; combining weighing scales with liquid handling robots to enable gravimetric dispensing; or linking error-reporting with email and sms servers. Software makes it possible.

The way that Synchron combines the hardware components with software is our core strength.

Synchronlab also offers various software components which can be incorporated into your Lab systems. All software components are designed to be operator friendly in order to minimize complicated training time and to help eliminate operator error. Some available standard modules :

Icoon_Xperimate Xperimate
This worklist & method preparation tool makes it easier to set-up an experiment, and can be combined with Gravidos. This tool can convert data files from Excel for more comfort.
Icoon_gravidos Gravidos
Software for gravimetric dosing, weight registration and pipetting according to weight. Gravimetric pipetting with a robot is ideal for highly visceus liquids


Icoon_Scheduler Synchron Scheduler
The dynamic scheduler is widely used in time critical custom-made software, and can be adapted to the needs of every application. Also available for third party.
Icoon_Pipetting Sample Preparation
Pipetting software were pipetting sequence is formed by arranging the correct function-icon by means of “Drag and Drop”. Every icon has it’s own specific function.


Icoon_Bloodtyper Bloodtyper 
Pipetting program for Automate blood group tests and other agglutination related tests in micro titration plates and gel-cards.
Icoon_Lims LIMS connect
Module to connect to every laboratory information system. This module enables a full track & trace of the complete workflow.


Icoon_VisualControl Visual control
Using cameras to detect shapes and measure distances. Allows repetitive manual assessments to be done automatically. One example is a camera system which analyzes tubes to detect serum levels. This enables aspiration without gel contact, thus preventing contamination (Buffy Coat).
Icoon_SmsAlert Mobile Alert
If during operation an error occurs or your system prompts for a manual intervention, our Alert software automatically generates and sends out a message to your mobile phone or email to your mail account.


Icoon_Integrator Integrator
Modules such as readers, shakers, decappers and balances can be integrated with the help of our Xperimate software to fully automate your complete workflow.
Icoon_DataManagment Data Managment
Manages all your test results. Intelligent searching and user levels. Data can be stored and found with the use of a search machine, where options can be selected.Web based optinal.