Custom lab automation

Discover the practical benefits of personalized lab automation with Synchron. Our team recognizes the distinct requirements of each laboratory and its staff. Hence, we offer customized solutions that are both practical and outstanding. Our skilled engineering team creates complete, ready-to-use systems, guaranteeing a dedicated approach to lab automation.

Regardless of whether you're new to automation or well-versed in robotic technology and automated pipetting tools, we're here to support you throughout the entire process. Don't hesitate to reach out, and let's tackle your challenges together!


Deliver Quality all day Every day

With the help of lab automation, lab procedures are defined and executed with emphasis on quality, reproducibility and lower risk of errors.Lab automation will also enable increase of productivity and throughput for your valuable laboratory staff. With automation and increased capacity, the lab's productivity can also extend beyond regular business hours.

By completing sample preparation overnight, lab technicians can kickstart their day and concentrate on their area of expertise: Science! Say goodbye to repetitive tasks and administrative burdens, and welcome more opportunities for experiment design and result-oriented endeavors. 

It's important to note that successful lab automation does not replace lab technicians. On the contrary, we firmly believe in empowering them by equipping them with the necessary tools to allow more time for working on their expertise. Quality remains in the capable hands of the lab technicians, as they retain control and monitor the processes. Striving for a perfect symbiosis between automation and human expertise should be the ultimate goal. 


Safety first!

In the pursuit of automation, we must not overlook the importance of individuals. A safe working environment and lab automation should always go hand in hand. Identifying and managing risks is a vital aspect of lab automation and applies to labs in general. 

At Synchron, we prioritize both sample protection and the well-being of lab personnel across various levels. We stay up-to-date with machine regulations and work with conscientious customers who value worker safety as a paramount concern. By implementing intelligent air monitoring and control systems, along with the utilization of appropriate safety sensors and techniques, we create custom tables and enclosures that enhance safety measures. 

Through our collaborative efforts, you can be assured that your lab remains compliant with regulations and maintain a safe working environment. At Synchron, we are dedicated to ensuring that your lab is a place where compliance and safety are at the forefront. 

If we can envision it, we can create it!

Synchron: Transforming Ideas into Reality

At Synchron, we specialize in designing, programming, and building solutions from start to finish. For liquid handlers, this means creating custom-built sample racks and application-specific needles. When it comes to software, we ensure seamless integration with your LIMS, multipath automation flows, and custom interfaces that eliminate the risk of errors.

Transforming your ideas into reality is our expertise, using proven technologies and standardized tools designed for flexibility and transparency.


Expert Solutions for Diverse Lab Challenges

In the realm of lab automation, diverse backgrounds are key to crafting unique solutions. At Synchron, we specialize in automating lab processes across multiple domains. Whether it involves precise pipetting of blood, oil, milk, solvents, resins, and paints in volumes ranging from microliters to liters, or tasks such as seed picking, object handling, and moving various containers like bottles, crates, trays, plates, glassware, and consumables, we have mastered the art of automation.

Our extensive experience across multiple domains enables us to provide a distinct perspective on your specific challenges. We approach each project with a deep understanding of the complexities involved and offer tailored solutions that address your unique requirements. We believe in transparency and openly share our experiences, as we firmly believe that the success of pioneering automation lies in the exchange of knowledge and working together.

With our multi-domain approach and proven track record, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table. By leveraging our diverse experiences, we can effectively navigate the intricacies of your automation needs and deliver innovative solutions that streamline your lab processes. At Synchron, we are committed to empowering you with the insights and capabilities needed to drive automation success in your lab.


Application-Centered Programming

At Synchron, we understand that anyone can acquire robots, but it takes exceptional software to create outstanding instruments. Our software development process involves close collaboration with our customers and is built upon a foundation of extensive expertise. By combining field-proven software reliability with the flexibility of customization, we create solutions that perfectly align with the needs of your lab team. 

Our software is designed to replicate manual Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), minimizing validation time and providing users with the ability to adapt and modify programming. This approach not only enables seamless execution of current assays but also ensures compatibility with future ones. We believe in application-centered programming, offering flexibility and transparency that empowers your lab. 

To learn more about the remarkable features of our software, including its application-centric approach, flexibility, and transparency, click here

With Synchron, you gain access to comprehensive expertise in automation across all domains. We possess a wealth of experience in developing and marketing flexible robotic automation solutions. As your dedicated and experienced partner, we are committed to helping you efficiently and cost-effectively bring your lab automation projects to life, seamlessly integrating them into your existing laboratory setup.

Whether you require assistance with a small-scale liquid handling project or seek to implement an integrated system encompassing automation solutions such as liquid handling and sample management, Synchron is ready to support you. Contact us today to embark on your automation journey, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

Synchron has successfully realized over 100 different laboratory automation projects by applying its total solutions approach. The Synchron capabilities include total system design and realization, ranging from standalone customized instruments to complex integration of existing systems, featuring full sample tracking connecting with your LIMS from the start to the end of the workflow.

Whatever your application, you can trust in the Synchron expertise of cutting-edge technology and long standing experience in laboratory automation.