3D Engineering

In recent years, 3D printing has become an increasingly popular technology that has revolutionized the way we approach engineering and manufacturing. At its core, 3D printing is a method of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital design. Using this innovative technique we improved our working efficiency, reduced costs.

But most importantly, with the printer we can create shapes and parts that were impossible before. Making it possible to come with unique and creative solutions that were not possible before. Are you ready for the future?

Imagination = Innovation

Why we use 3D printing

We specialize in producing tailor-made laboratory solutions for our clients, which necessitates designing bespoke components. If a client requests a custom module that is not yet in our inventory, we will develop it, ensuring that our designs meet the intended specifications by creating prototypes for testing.

3D printing proved to be indispensable in this area. Allowing for fast, accurate prototypes made out of a hard solid matter.

Great succes

A Small Example

Using our 3D printer, we were able to design and create a customized clamp for a customer's bottle holder that needed to fit onto a Bioshake. Despite the original clamp not functioning properly, we were able to redesign the clamp and ensure that it fit snugly over the tube without requiring any additional tools.

This successful redesign resulted in a clamp that securely holds the bottle in place during shaking, without any risk of it falling out. Although this is just one small example of the many successful prototypes of 3D printing technology, it demonstrates that making this small adjustments is easy with the use of 3D printing.


Rapid Prototyping

When it comes to rapid prototyping, 3D printing has been a game-changer. With this technology, we can manufacture prototypes quickly and efficiently, often in just 2-3 days. This is a significant improvement over traditional manufacturing methods such as milling or turning, which can be time-consuming and require the involvement of external parties. By using 3D printing for rapid prototyping, we are able to deliver our solutions to clients more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Imagination = Innovation

Creative Engineering

One of the most exciting aspects of using 3D printing technology is the freedom it provides designers to create highly specific geometries and structures. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing involves uses different methods then just removing material from a block. What allows for greater creativity and innovation in designing intricate and detailed geometric structures that would otherwise be impossible to create.

It's only a matter of time

Our Own 3D Printer

At our facility, we utilize the Formlabs Fuse 1, a cutting-edge SLS printer that employs Nylon PA12 as a base material for building components. Unlike traditional FDM printers, the Fuse 1 uses an Electric Selective Laser to sinter the material, rather than melting it, resulting in a superior level of dimensional accuracy and structural integrity. This advanced printing process ensures that there are no visible plastic lines, and the resulting fabric is almost as durable as the original solid fabric.

Thanks to the SLS printer, we are able to produce components that are incredibly robust and can withstand high-stress conditions, making it a top choice for creating high-quality prototypes and final products.

Creative. unique. educative

Learning With Our Printer

Whether you have 3D printing in your curriculum or you are a rookie in this field. At Synchron, we offer students the opportunity to get started with our 3D printer. Here, we teach you how to utilize your creativity within the design criteria we uphold in order to deliver the highest quality. Therefore, you get to use this unique machine while taking your skill set to the next level.

Are you interested at your possibilities on working with our 3D printer? Then feel free to contact us!