Automate your pipetting proces

Pipetting Robots

Experience improved consistency, better precision, and accuracy by automating your pipetting process. Adding an automated pipetting system to your liquid handling platform can significantly enhance your lab's capabilities.

If you're looking to increase the number of samples you can process or improve the reproducibility of your workflow, Synchron is here to help. We are a leading supplier of innovative multi-tipped robotic XYZ liquid handling systems and robot-friendly functional modules for Laboratory Automation.

Our state-of-the-art technology and expertise in automation enable us to empower your lab with higher throughput and superior precision. With Synchron, you can revolutionize your liquid handling capabilities and elevate your laboratory's efficiency to new levels. Discover the possibilities and unleash the full potential of your lab with Synchron's cutting-edge solutions.

The Ultimate Design

The Synchron Xperimate is a truly modular state-of-the-art robotic system, combining sophisticated and flexible liquid handling with robot manipulation. The modular design allows the hardware to be configured to suit a very wide range of applications. The modular Xperimate is a perfect platform for all applications and simplifies both system integration and stand alone robotic automation.

The sleek, uncomplicated design integrates robotic and liquid handling functionality into the robotic arm, which glides on an X-rail to access the large flexible deck, and integrated or surrounding modules.

The Xperimate deck is large and open on all sides. It provides a canvas on which to place labware and optional modules.

Sample tube racks, microplates and reagents are loaded on the slimline decktrays, which accurately position the labware ready for automation. Most Xperimate accessories and options are simply placed on the deck and can be removed when not in use, or rearranged to suit another application protocol.

Adding a Third Dimension

Modular, flexible, upgradeable

Build to configure

  • Design your own pipetting arm

    Pipetting robots

    Design your own pipetting arm

    • Up to 8 tips per arm
    • Flexispan = individual Y and Z movement
    • Individual level sensors
    • Interchangeable washable and disposable tips.
  • Robotic handling

    Pipetting robots

    Robotic handling

    • Separate arm, same X-slide
    • Software controlled for safety and efficiency
    • 270° rotating microplate gripper – turn a plate/tube for cross pipetting  – improved access to other modules on or off the deck
    • Increase deck capacity by stacking plates
  • Deck layout

    Pipetting Robots

    Deck layout

    • • 3 standard X-ranges, and 3 standard deck widths (approx. 100 cm, 150 cm and 200 cm)
    • All other X-ranges, and deck widths possible ! (up to 400 cm)
    • Extended X-range option – reach modules outside deck
    • Decktrays hold samples, plates, stackers

Principles of liquid handling

The robotic pipetting arm module encloses everything necessary to perform the liquid handling, reducing the need for space consuming external pumps and extended lengths of feed tubing.

Xperimate uses a principle of positive displacement of liquid in a fluid filled system, where the aliquots of sample and reagent are automatically separated by an airgap. Xperimate can pipette using all or only some of the individual channels together, either in single aliquots or by multi-dispensing.

Robotic Handling

The separation of the robotic and pipetting arms ensures that robotic function can work independently to increase throughput and efficiency. Plates and other labware are quickly and safely carried between stackers, incubators and other functional modules. Plates can be turned for efficient cross pipetting tasks. When installed on a Xperimate with extended X-range, the robotic arm can access modules and accessories situated outside the Xperimate deck.

  • Creates a useful third dimension to the deck
  • Transport plates with or without their lids; remove and replace lids
  • Pipette to a plate on the top of a stack
  • 270° rotating microplate gripper

Stand-Alone Workstation

Your needs for automation may change during the long lifetime of your Xperimate robot. The unique modular design means that you can
select suitable elements and performance characteristics to make up the ideal workstation, and then upgrade later to increase throughput
or to more fully automate a protocol.

Full Integration

With all functionality housed in the arm, this entire module can be easily integrated into an instrument project. Our CAN bus protocol
simplifies integration. Alternatively, the Xperimate workstation, including deck, can be customized and optimized as a private label platform to automate any pipetting protocol.

Expanding the range of automation

The functionality of the Xperimate can be expanded by using specialized modules and accessories. Most Sias modules are simply placed on the deck and are fully Plug and Play. Third party modules may also be integrated.


    • Increase security with real-time ID tracking
    • Reads barcodes on sample tubes, plates and reagents
    • Selective (worklist) pipetting, or batch mode
    • Decktop Plug and Play module – can be removed to increase deck capacity when not in use


    • Holds up to 4 plates, with or without covers
    • Plug and Play
    • Individual plate drawers
    • Minimize drafts and edge effect
    • Incubation time and temperature are software controlled.


    The Xperimate design utilizes a CAN protocol to facilitate integration of third party products. The deck is large, and has few limitations for physical integration of hardware. Additionally the Xperimate can be delivered with an extended X-range, so that the robotic arms can reach outside the deck to access modules placed alongside.

  • Delegate your standard tasks

  • Higher throughput in less time

  • Increased productivity

  • Reproducibility & standardization

Compact & Convenient

96/384 Pipetting

A pipetting robot designed for 96/384 well plates represents the epitome of precision and efficiency in the realm of laboratory automation. This sophisticated piece of technology seamlessly integrates robotics and liquid handling, ensuring accurate and reproducible results in high-throughput experiments.

Capable of handling both 96-well and 384-well plates, this robotic marvel streamlines the process of dispensing, aspirating, and transferring liquids with unparalleled speed and accuracy.