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Automated Liquid Handling

Automated liquid handling has revolutionized laboratory processes, offering improved accuracy and efficiency. However, every lab technician knows that pipetting different liquids comes with its unique set of challenges. At synchron we understand these complexities and are here to help you navigate them effectively. As a result, our solutions are adaptable to any domain or lab type.

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Mastering the Art of Liquid Handling

Liquid handling in the laboratory can present a range of challenges that require precision, expertise, and innovative solutions. As leaders in the field, we understand the intricacies involved in automated liquid handling and have honed our expertise to tackle these obstacles head-on. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience, we are equipped to address a variety of challenges encountered during the liquid handling process.
  • Viscosity Variation

    Achieving Accurate Dispensing

    Viscosity Variation

    Dealing with liquids of different viscosities is a common challenge in automated liquid handling. Our expert team is well-versed in calibrating and optimizing systems to ensure accurate dispensing, regardless of viscosity.

  • Volatility and Evaporation

    Minimizing Sample Loss

    Volatility and Evaporation

    Highly volatile liquids can present obstacles during pipetting, leading to inaccurate volume measurements and sample loss. Our advanced techniques and protocols minimize evaporation, ensuring reliable results.

  • Density Differences

    Precise Volume Transfers

    Density Differences

    Accurate pipetting of liquids with varying densities requires careful adjustments and calibration. Our experienced technicians understand the intricacies of density-based liquid handling, guaranteeing precise volume transfers.

  • Chemical Compatibility

    Ensuring Safe Liquid Handling

    Chemical Compatibility

    Maintaining compatibility between liquids and pipette materials is crucial to prevent reactions and contamination. We offer comprehensive guidance and support in selecting the right materials for your specific liquid handling needs.

  • Foaming Mitigation

    Reliable Dispensing Techniques

    Foaming Mitigation

    Foaming is a challenge encountered with certain liquids, affecting accurate pipetting. Our expertise in foam reduction techniques ensures consistent and reliable dispensing, enabling optimal liquid handling outcomes.

  • Surface Tension Management

    Overcoming Droplet Challenges

    Surface Tension Management

    Surface tension can complicate precise pipetting, causing droplet formation and air bubble entrapment. Our solutions incorporate strategies to overcome surface tension challenges, ensuring consistent and accurate dispensing.

  • Particulate Contamination Control

    Ensuring Clean Liquid Handling

    Particulate Contamination Control

    Handling liquids with particles or debris demands utmost attention to prevent clogging and contamination. Our advanced systems and best practices ensure efficient and reliable liquid handling, minimizing the risk of sample compromise.

  • Temperature Sensitivity Management

    Maintaining Sample Integrity

    Temperature Sensitivity Management

    Temperature variations can significantly impact liquid properties and pipetting accuracy. Our solutions integrate precise temperature control mechanisms, maintaining sample integrity throughout the liquid handling process.

  • Hygroscopicity Considerations

    Preserving Concentration and Volume

    Hygroscopicity Considerations

    Hygroscopic liquids require specialized handling to preserve concentration and volume accuracy. Our team is well-equipped with protocols and techniques to mitigate the impact of moisture absorption, ensuring reliable liquid handling results.

  • Sample Preservation

    Protecting Valuable Samples

    Sample Preservation

    Minimizing sample loss is crucial when working with small volumes. Our meticulous pipetting techniques, including priming and precise tip immersion, safeguard your valuable samples and optimize liquid transfer efficiency. 

Our Proven Solutions

Our Pipetting Solutions

With years of experience in liquid handling, we understand the challenges and precisely know how to tackle them. We have the expertise to handle various substances, and the solution we employ depends on your specific challenge.

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At Synchron we recognize and address the challenges faced in automated liquid handling. Our dedicated team of experts combines their in-depth knowledge with cutting-edge solutions to enhance precision and efficiency in your laboratory. With our tailored approach, you can overcome these challenges and achieve reliable, reproducible results.

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