Experienced in laboratories

Extensive Expertise in Application Development

Throughout the years, we have acquired extensive expertise in automating laboratories. We have worked closely with numerous laboratories and, in 1985, established ourselves as an independent entity, specializing in automation after branching off from "Wilten Instruments’’, a renowned laboratory instrument company. In the following years, we gained over a hundred successful projects across diverse laboratory branches, allowing us to gain valuable insights and in-depth understanding of their specific challenges.

As a result, we confidently affirm that we not only possess comprehensive knowledge in our field but, more importantly, understand the language and needs of our valued customers. Are you ready to revolutionize your laboratory with our successful combination of know-how and engineering?

From manual work to innovation

Automation is more than engineering

Customers approach us with various needs and requirements. Some seek automated alternatives to their current manual processes, while others request enhancements for their existing automated solutions or replicas of former devices. This is where our engineering expertise comes into play. Designing a application that accommodates an adequate number of containers while maintaining speed and precision is just one aspect of the challenge. It goes beyond that.

You can imagine that manual tasks, like manual pipetting, present challenges for automation due to the requirement for visual turbidity checks or the user's habit of wiping droplets with a cloth. As a result, certain solutions may not always lend themselves to automated engineering in the exact same workflow as the current manual process. Adapting the client's existing application becomes a key aspect to consider. Frequently, modifications are needed within the automated process, to make an automated solution.  

Because No Laboratory is the same

Custom Lab Automation

From custom racks or holders to the development of entire systems, Synchron always approaches your automation challenge with a technical perspective. This involves selecting specific crimp or decap modules that best align with the customer's requirements. It may also entail conducting pipetting tests to determine the optimal needle for the desired application. These insights are then incorporated into the development process, and new modules are created if necessary.

Curious to explore the range of customization possibilities and learn more about the process?

When consultancy meets succes

Seamlessly integrated

Comprehensive Cooperation

At Synchron, we offer comprehensive guidance and expertise to optimize your laboratory processes. Our team can assist you with specific challenges, ranging from selecting the appropriate tip or needle to designing workflow and User Requirement Specifications (URS). This includes determining the ideal sequence of actions, timing, and seamless integration with systems like LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or other devices.

Moreover, our deep understanding of automation allows us to provide valuable insights on improving manual processes. We can help you automate manual procedures while aligning with your desired outcomes. If you're eager to explore the possibilities, contact Synchron today. Our experienced team is ready to guide you in streamlining your processes, selecting the right tools, and designing efficient workflows.

Contact Synchron today and let our expertise guide you in optimizing your processes, selecting the right tools, and designing efficient workflows.