Pioneering Lab Automation Solutions with Synchron's Robotic Expertise

Synchron is a company that specializes in custom lab automation and has expertise in liquid handling. With a wealth of experience in developing and marketing flexible robotic automation solutions, we are your trusted partner in revolutionizing lab automation across all domains.

Our comprehensive expertise allows us to efficiently bring your lab automation projects to life while seamlessly integrating them into your existing laboratory setup. Are you ready for custom lab automation?

Unleashing Efficiency and Precision

Tailored Solutions for Your Lab Automation Needs

At Synchron, we offer an extensive range of innovative solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our open and flexible state-of-the-art XYZ liquid handlers, integrated solutions, and custom lab instruments are built to your exact specifications.  

We provide comprehensive services including advice and design for systems and software architecture. Additionally, we assist in the setup of your workflow/method, perform data interface programming, develop custom user interfaces, conduct instrument validation at the factory (FAT) and on-site (SAT), and offer dedicated service and support, along with application assistance.

With our multidisciplinary engineering capability, diverse application knowledge, and successful collaborations with leading laboratories and startups, we deliver results that exceed expectations. 


Partnering for Success in Lab Automation 

As your dedicated and experienced partner, our mission is to help you achieve efficient and cost-effective lab automation.

Whether you require assistance with a small-scale liquid handling project or seek to implement an integrated system encompassing various automation solutions, such as liquid handling and sample management, Synchron is here to support you at every step of the way.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, we are ready to collaborate with you to unlock the full potential of your lab. 

Our Projects

MolGen acquires Synchron Lab Automation

MolGen acquires Synchron Lab Automation

Teamwork makes the dream work

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Synchron's DNA

  • Expertise in Liquid Handling

  • Flexibility Without Compromising on Quality

  • Guaranteed Functionality & Sustainability

  • Transparent and Swift Communication

ISO Certification: A Commitment to Quality Management

ISO Certification: A Commitment to Quality Management

Ensuring Structure and Transparency

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Ready to experience the future of lab automation? Contact Synchron today to embark on your automation journey. Our expertise and commitment to excellence will empower your lab with cutting-edge robotics and software solutions.

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