Today, more than ever, product developers in research areas such as inks, coatings and detergents face a growing array of new challenges. Product quality, health and safety (think of REACH) requirements are not only increasingly stringent, but also fierce competition is forcing companies to develop new products in shorter time spans.

HTE techniques enable product developers to study the complete parameter space in a fast, easy and accurate way. This is achieved by performing a broad automated screening followed by a fast, quantitative optimization of the recipe. In collaboration with the largest global paint and coatings company, Synchronlab has developed a bench top formulation and screening robot for high and low viscous samples. The participation of customers in product development assures us of a continuous process of product improvement and gives our bench top systems a competitive advantage.

The Synchron Formulation Robot incorporates a simple and flexible setup to ease the design and execution of small, medium or large numbered experiments. Due to the open platform, the system can work with many external modules. The robotic system consists of Xperimate software, Robot and a precision scale, therefore it gives users the choice of using volumetric and / or gravimetric dosing for the formulation of samples. Develop new products in shorter time spans!

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