Software for automated sample preparation

The way that Synchron combines the hardware components with software is our core strength. Robust and state of the art development in C, C++, Delphi and .Net, vision analysis and database interaction. The result for the customer? – true synergy-here the whole system is far greater than the sum of the parts.

Xperimate 2 is set up to be hardware/platform agnostic. Additionally, the new Xperimate 2.0 software is built to control multiple machines and run multiple applications in parallel. Xperimate 2.0 is programmed in C# and functions in principle as a script handler. The scripts are are written in Python

When it comes to software systems, we’ve seen it, we’ve used it, we’ve delivered it.

Clear & Cohesive

Xperimate software

At Synchronlab we like to maximize this efficiency by linking different hardware systems and combining their functions to create optimal systems that are completely new. The software is the lifeblood of these innovative systems: Analyzing images from a camera to detect liquid levels; combining weighing scales with liquid handling robots to enable gravimetric dispensing; or linking error-reporting with email and sms servers. Software makes it possible.

Our success formula dictates a standardized approach which is flexible at heart. Being strict on reusability enables us to gather and secure application knowledge within the software. The software solution is used both as a development suite as well as a control suite.


Security is a key factor in developing our software. To ensure data about the workflow stays within your laboratory the software is installed on premisses. 


The software package has a layered design which allows for customer specific frontends or third-party integration and OEM structures. Through API the software can be integrated with 3rd parties such as LIMS. The information of the samples can thereby be synchronised.

Optimal configurability

The software that is delivered with the system is able to move with new application and business demands of the customer and allows for a longer lifecycle and service life in the field. The workflow is configured to your specific needs, but can also be adjusted in any point of time. This can be done by your operators.

Layout Definition

A drag and drop software used to design the arrangement of samples, reagents, plates, etc. on the deck for each protocol. Lay-out Def is delivered with an extendable library of labware, so you can focus on designing the best deck for your application.

Graphic user interface

Compose and optimize protocols

A graphic user interface used to compose and optimize protocols. Xperimate has multiple user levels. The programming level allows the definition and optimization of every step. Simply transpose your application step by step into a Xperimate method. To automate complex tasks,you can combine several methods into a Script.

  • Xperimate utilizes a robust database concept which keeps track of all data,and provides a seamless interface with Microsoft ® Excel
  • Xperimate includes a service utilities program, X-Util, designed to simplify system diagnostics. X-Util can also be used to fully customize unique applications, by addressing each module and function individually
  • A powerful simulator software is also available – compose and test your methods prior to running them on the Xperimate.


  • Online scheduling constantly re-evaluates timelines during a run
  • Actions shared by different protocols can be consolidated
  • Add or remove actions while an application is running
  • Time calculation – automatic timing of actions, and correction of estimates
  • Graphic display
  • Active-X control – can be used for external modules.


  • SQL exchange
  • Integrate external module “Dlls” and “call” from within a run
  • Additional functions can be executed via the optional I/O board.
  • Import/Export from Excel – methods, labware and pipetting lists can be imported or exported before, during or after a run.


Xperimate is a very flexible software that can be used to precisely define and optimize your applications. Please contact us for more details.