Pipetting Robots and sample prep

Automated Liquid Handling2

Our innovative technologies increase throughput and bring improved efficiency and safety to almost any laboratory process.

The robotic pipetting arm module encloses everything necessary to perform the liquid handling, reducing the need for space consuming external pumps and extended lengths of feed tubing. Xperimate uses a principle of positive displacement of liquid in a fluid filled system, where the aliquots of sample and reagent are automatically separated by an airgap. Xperimate can pipette using all or only some of the individual channels together, either in single aliquots or by multi-dispensing. 

Do you recognize these problems?

  • Are your PHDs still doing sample prep?

  • Full automation not possible?

  • Is you automation still partially offline?

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    Specialized in Liquid Handling o

  • Usability and accessibility layered?

The ultimate design

The Synchron Xperimate is a truly modular state-of-the-art robotic system, combining sophisticated and flexible liquid handling with robotic manipulation. The modular design allows the hardware to be configured to suit a very wide range of applications.

The modular Xperimate is a perfect platform for all applications and simplifies both system integration and stand-alone robotic automation. The sleek, uncomplicated design integrates robotic and liquid handling functionality into the robotic arm, which glides on an X-rail to access the large flexible deck, and integrated or surrounding modules.

Customizing configurations

By selecting from a wide range of robotic functional “Plug and Play” modules options and accessories, you can customize your Xperimate to suit the evolving needs of your laboratory. And in most cases, you can change the configuration in the future by upgrading.

Easy to use – every day, for every operator

Combine intuitive operation with the flexibility to automate complex processes.

  • Standardized touchscreen operator interface
  • Guided start-up and workflows
  • Integrated cameras highlight loading mistakes during set-up for immediate correction Ease of programming and teach-free set-up
  • Extensive error handling options and unique Method Recovery function
  • Separate arm, same X-slide
  • Software controlled for safety and efficiency
  • 270° rotating microplate gripper
  • Increase deck capacity by stacking plates
  • Increase efficiency by moving plates between functional modules