Multi Domain Sample Preparation

Experience the limitless potential of Synchron automated solutions as they propel the boundaries of scientific discovery in laboratories across the globe. From standalone liquid handlers to comprehensive integrated systems encompassing automation solutions such as liquid handling and sample management, we offer a diverse array of possibilities tailored to your specific needs.

Unlock the full potential of your laboratory with our modular and flexible robotic solutions, designed to cater to a wide range of applications across diverse industries including Life Science, Agri & Food, Pharma, and Petrochemistry. Seamlessly automate your testing and analysis workflow with our cutting-edge solutions.

Explore the extensive range of applications we cater to, or delve into our dedicated lab automation projects page for more insights. Together, let us revolutionize your laboratory operations and accelerate your path to scientific excellence.

Oil & gas / Petrochemical analysis

Sample preparation for: 

  • Oil testing
  • Polymer testing
  • Fuel analysis
  • Catalyst research
  • Used oil / Lubricants pipetting
  • Crackle test
  • PQ Analysis
  • Painting and Coating development
  • High Viscous sample pipetting
  • Kinometric Viscometry (Houillon viscometer)
  • Nitrogen and sulfur analysis in hplc vials (vials decapping and capping, crimping)
  • Hydrogen Content measurement
  • Formulation for high and low viscous ink and coatings

Agri & food testing

Sample preparation for:  

  • Seed health testing
  • Milk and dairy analysis
  • Pesticed Screening (automate/optimise pesticide workflow, spray test)
  • Dissolution and distribution unit for compounds 
  • Seed handling
    • DNA extraction workflows,
    • germination
    • sowing,
    • phenotyping
    • automated scoring

Lifescience testing

Sample preparation for: 

  • Sample preparation for PCR
  • Sample preparation cholestorol analysis
  • Biobanking
    • Large volume of pipetting urine 
    • Dna isolation
    • Dna stock handling
    • Concentration measurement
    • Vacutainer decapping and handling (Blood analysis, Urinalysis)
  • NMR testing (Automation of NMR sample preparation)


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