Building Blocks

With our building block concept you will be able to build your own optimal system in just a few steps. The building block concept also allows you to cost effectively upgrade and modify your application. Choose what you currently need most and then upgrade and adapt your system in line with market requirements, as your business develops. Our application specialists will of course guide you through the various and ongoing possibilities. If we can think it, we can make it.

Building blocks are available both as hardware, software or a combination. The building blocks concepts makes it easy to add functionality to your automation platform, whether it is a database building block, allowing you to interface with data systems, or a hardware building block, allowing you to add functionality to the overall platform.



Based on your chosen platform, you can now start customizing your system with our huge range of building blocks. If your specific building block cannot be found in the market, our Design Team will work with you to develop and build it.



Starting with an open Xperimate XYZ liquid handling platform, we can integrate your existing laboratory equipment and add whichever building blocks your application requires. We will help you choose the platform that optimizes your space, application and budget.



Due to the open structure of the Synchron Icon based software, we can add any kind of desired software to your chosen system: we can connect LIMS, activate system controlled analyzers, calculation programs and interpretation software. All software components are designed to be operator friendly and seamlessly efficiënt.

Tailoring Perfection

When creating your perfect application, deciding between standard and customized building blocks is crucial. Standard components provide reliability and speed, while customized ones align precisely with your unique workflow, allowing vital adjustments. Integrating both creates a potent synergy, enabling rapid modifications for scalability, security, or efficiency. The outcome? A bespoke solution, not just software, crafted to enhance your operations and inspire innovation, guaranteeing your application not only meets but surpasses expectations.