Innovative Solutions for Complex Liquid Handling

Customized Instruments

In the field of lab automation, there are instances where the existing market offerings do not align with the unique requirements and demands. To cater to these enthusiastic automation-seeking labs, we possess the capability to design and manufacture custom instruments. Our instrument design and manufacturing process follows the same principles as our engineering practices, but with an expanded design phase tailored to the specific project.

Examples of products that have originated from our instrument manufacturing capabilities include the DNA Factory, autosamplers, TTS (Tube-to-Sample) systems, germination systems, and seedpickers. Additionally, we offer smaller modular solutions such as decappers, vial crimpers and feeders, plate and tray feeders, conveyor belts, shakers, and heaters.

Goals of Custom Instrument Development in Laboratory Automation

  • Scale-up


    The ability to process larger volumes and transition to a production line setup. 

    • You want to be able to process more than ever before. 
    • You want a production line setup rather than a bath-oriented setup. 
    • You want to combine various instruments. 
  • Process or kit specificity

    Process or kit specificity

    Designing an instrument optimized for your specific process or kit, ensuring key elements are not missed. 

    • Standard liquid handlers would not be utilized to full extend and miss key elements. 
    • You want an instrument that is optimized for you kit or process. 
    • You want to create a company standard way of processing. 
  • Cost optimization

    Cost optimization

    Creating instruments with precisely tailored specifications, eliminating unnecessary components and features. 

    • With a made specification made instrument you are sure no unnecessary components and features are used  
    • Better control over a production series 

Proven and New Elements

Pushing the Innovation Boundaries

Our expertise in engineering instruments from the ground up is a result of our commitment to innovation and pushing boundaries in projects. Typically, our projects consist of 75% known and proven components, with the remaining 25% being new elements, which can be in the form of hardware or software. To deliver custom solutions, our team is trained in utilizing industry-leading automation kit providers such as Festo, Cognex, Analytic Jena, Denso, Brooks, Universal Robots, and more. 

Furthermore, our team possesses extensive knowledge in working with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and utilizing industrial communication standards such as CAN, CANopen, OPC_UA, Modbus, TCP/IP, Ethercat, as well as legacy serial interfaces like RS232 and RS485. 

When Customization Becomes the Standard

With a proven track record of over 100 successful laboratory automation projects, Synchron excels in delivering total solutions. Our capabilities encompass the entire spectrum of system design and realization, spanning from standalone customized instruments to intricate integration of existing systems, complete with robot barcodes and seamlessly incorporated LIMS systems.

No matter how complex your application is, you can trust in the Synchron characteristics of cutting-edge technology and long standing experience in laboratory automation.