Effortless Batch Seed Separation: Introducing Our Automated SeedPickers

For many process in the lab, seeds will have to be individualized for analysis or growth. This can be required for DNA extraction, germination, sowing, phenotyping and an range of other applications. Our SeedPickers will individualize seeds from multiple batches, fully automatically. This process is completely controlled by imaging, barcodes and vacuum measurements during each movement.

Synchron offers several models, based on two different platforms: a desktop 3-axis gantry system and an industrial 6-axis arm. The larger system can easily be upgraded with more stacker capacity, a range of tools and modules and even be integrated into our conveyor based systems for further automating your process.

The SeedPicker systems allow for processing different types of seed within a single run with an almost 100% accuracy through the use of a special vacuum control on individual, autochangeable picking tools. For larger seed batch sizes, our soundwave controlled shaker can make every seed available to be individually picked as well as returning the unused seeds back into the original seed container. The software is comprehensive but can be adapted to specific customer needs.

Our SeedPicker family automates and controls the individualization of your seeds with great accuracy in a fully automated manner.

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