Maintenance Service & Support

Our support services run from 24hr emergency Guaranteed Response contracts, through to phone backup from our team of Engineers and Specialists and periodic visits. You choose your service level. If you should experience a problem with your Synchron solution and you require service, please call service administration at +31 76 82 00 284 or send an e-mail to

You will need the model and serial number of the instrument and unless it is under warranty or a service contract you will also need a purchase order. This will need to sent by email to Synchron before service can be scheduled. In determining the proper amount to use, you may contact the Service Department for an estimate or use a zero amount that can be adjusted later.

Why should I buy a Service Contract?

  • Expand Lifetime of system

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve Reliability

  • Reduce Down-Time

All-In Service

Includes all replacement parts, labor charges, and travel costs required to maintain your system in proper working order. All-In Service also includes one (1) yearly preventive maintenance visit where items prone to wear are replaced at a conveniently scheduled time.

Periodic Maintenance

The periodical maintenance includes checking, adjusting, re-adjusting and technical cleaning of the Equipment, lubrication of mechanic parts and replacement of required parts, when necessary. The Equipment is tested on good performance. The periodical maintenance may also include carrying out repairs that appeared to be necessary during periodical maintenance that can be implemented within the planned time period. Depending on the application this can be done once or twice a year. With or without guaranteed response times.


Synchron will test and certify that your system is working within factory specifications. Calibration Service can only be purchased in conjunction with All-In Service and may consist of a gravimetric test for accuracy, a colorimetric test for precision, or both depending on the needs of the client.

Response Times

Synchron can offer various guaranteed response times depending on the needs of the customer. Different type of response times can be agreed between Synchron and the customer based on:

1. Initial response time.
2. On-site response time
3. Remote response time .