Analytical & Petro Chemistry

_LDJ7703 als slim object1Synchronlab lab automation equipment is widely used in the field of Analytical Chemistry. We have developed and installed platforms that incorporate every stage of the process, from adding, mixing, weighing, application and evaluation of the results. Thereby freeing up your valuable Lab. staff to perform other meaningful functions.

Check Some Projects !


* Automated Viscometry (Houillion)
* Automate Sub-Sampling of used Oils. (TAN,TBN,ICP,NIR)
* Crackle Test
* High Throughput Experimenting
* Automated Formulation, Application & Screening
* High Viscous and Solid samples dosing
* Combinatorial and Materials Science
* Sample preparation for NIR, NMR,LCMS, LC, GC
* High Volume Pipetting

Synchron information sheets on the above applications are available on request. If you want more detailed information on specific applications, or if you want to talk with us about your own automation projects, you can contact us by email or phone :, +31 76 820 02 84