Cell Harvesters

Tomtec Life Science offers to two versions, manual for small budget-conscience labs and a more automated version for high-end BioPharma labs and research facilities.

The Harvester96TM is cost effective, simple to use and designed to last for decades. Tomtec Life Science has been servicing the laboratory automation community for over thirty years, and shipping best in class cell harvesters for over twenty of those years. Based on a highly reliable and eloquent design, the Harvester96TM is a rugged cost effective bench-top lab instrument, designed to harvest biologics from a 96 well microplate or microtubes onto a glass fiber filter map in a small bench-top footprint.
One of the key imperatives of maintaining any flow-chemistry instrument is keeping pathways and collection sites clean. The Harvester96TM has evolved over the past 20 years with this key imperative in mind. Not only is there a fast and efficient automatic rinse cycle, but tips can be easily removed, ultrasonically cleaned or replacement in minutes. To ensure continuous, uninterrupted operation great care and thought went in to minimizing the number of internal moving parts. To that end, there are only five industrial-grade stainless steel solenoid valves, with a MTBF in the thousands of hours. The result is a robust instrument; where nearly all the units we have sold over the years, are still in service making it the most reliable and cost effective cell harvester available today.

The Harvester96TM is designed to address a wide range of Pharma, BioPharma and laboratory work-flows such as:
– Cell proliferation assays (titrated thymidine uptake) – Scintillation counter
– Cytotoxicity assays – luminescent assay reader
– Receptor binding assays – luminescent assay reader
– Nucleic acid degradation – spectrophotometer assay reader
– Trichloroacetic acid preparations – microscopy
– Cell wash station for adherent cell assays.