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Technical software

At Synchronlab you will be programming Robotic solutions in house and on-site installing of automated pipetting laboratory instruments. You could effectively manage assigned territory, including following up on software problem escalations.The modular design of our platform allows the hardware to be configured and upgraded to suit a very wide range of applications and different throughput demands. Synchron develops custom solutions for clients in the Agro & Life Sciences business. Our workstation, including deck, can be customised and optimised to automate any protocol.

In a nutshell

  • Employment
    40 hrs

At Synchron you work with 15 motivated collegues who are inventing and improving every day:
If we can think it, we can make it !Together with the team you will work on different projects, where you have to handle the combination of software with hardware integration. Think of C#/.Net, Python, OPC-UA, OPP, Visual Basics and more..

What do we offer?

An attractive salary, contract of 12 months , 40 working hours per week, collective accident insurance, 25 holidays per year, Pension (50-50 contribution employer, employee) and a Company car;

Varied and challenging projects, everyday differs from the day before; think of several European projects a year, so travelling is part of the deal; sometimes you work on a site of the customer as troubleshooter or inventor;

Obviously you can take courses to develop, we offer you the opportunity to grow, also in salary the coming years. We will teach you a lot about mechanical engineering and electronics if you want to;

You work with a strong team, all young motivated colleagues, for leading customers in a wide range of business (Agro & Life Sciences )

What are we looking for?               

  • A communicative person who understands the inter company processes of our clients and speaks the same language in terms of safety and procedures concerning machinery, automation and production. In other words; can you find a solution within the client standards?
  • Even more important; can you verbally explain why and how?
  • A solid technical background, like an associate degree in software, or mechanical engineering, or biomedical engineering technology or an equivalent combination of education and relevant experience,
  • Good knowledge of C#/.Net , Python, C++, OOP, Visual Basics and affinity with OPC-UA
  • Sound judgement and good business sense
  • Team working ability
  • The ability to build relationships with clients quickly
  • Communication skills as also good knowledge of English language
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Resilience and tenacity

Synchron in 1 minute

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