2925 BildSynchron’s product range comprises all standard Laboratory  Liquid handling systems, as well as our custom designed products. We will supply your entire system, from the automated platform to the necessary consumables, such as pipetting tips and tubing. Whatever your hardware product mix, the entire system will be controlled via Synchron software. The software will include standard programs where applicable, combined with custom designed software unique to your application.

The robotics consist of, not only the Xperimate platform, but also the 96/384 pipetting workstations of Tomtec and high speed 6 axis robot arms. Beside these two standard systems Synchron also delivers fully automated systems for complete application solutions.
All these systems can be expanded and customized by adding  different building blocks, which are then integrated via our software systems. The benefits of the Synchron software are soon obvious; we can integrate and control almost any hardware than you can imagine utilizing in your application.

Every system can only function at its best with the proper consumables. For that reason Synchron delivers a wide range of consumables for a guaranteed optimal performance of the system.These specific Synchron products, both software and hardware, are now widely used in many laboratory in Europe.